Wellness Coordinator (Administrative Assistant)


Wellness Coordinator (Administrative Assistant)

Independence Village of Waterstone (Oxford)

Our Employees Come First. Period.

Teamwork. Teamwork. Teamwork.

Must haves from you to be a Wellness Coordinator:

  • Prior experience providing administrative support to a large staff required
  • Proven organizational and communication skills
  • Associates or Bachelors Degree preferred

What your day looks like as a Wellness Coordinator:

  • Manage Hiring Process: Interviews potential employees and hires and on boards to 1440. Maintains appropriate records for new and existing staff.
  • Payroll Administration: Accurately approves and processes (bi-weekly) payroll for entire Wellness department.
  • Schedule/Staffing: Create, maintain and update staff schedules and Caregiver Task Sheets with daily duties to ensure our residents consistently receive the best quality of care.
  • Training Accountability: Maintaining all appropriate records of training for new and existing staff. Ensure all new hires receive their learning plans and complete all State regulatory training by mandatory deadline.
  • Accounts Receivable, Contracts and Billing: Manage the A/R process, ensure all contracts are signed and up to date and billing is timely and accurate.

We ve grown our business with an employee first mindset, it s the basis of everything we do. We are one team, with one plan and everyone s included. This means we move forward together, always leading with empathy and viewing all decisions through the lens of every employee.

We believe in this so strongly that every employee in our company has scheduled monthly conversations with their leader to discuss their performance, growth and opportunities to improve the employee and customer experience.

Serving is our Business

Connecting Seniors, Families and Communities

Independence Village
have over 35 years of experience working and living with seniors creating a deep understanding of their unique needs and desires. It s this combination of technology, understanding, appreciation, and commitment that sets us apart and makes our culture so special for both our employees and our residents. Everyone in our communities commits to appreciating our residents as individuals who deserve to shine, every day.

1440 Culture

Not Just Making Every Day Great. Making Every Minute Great. There are 1,440 minutes in every single day. We aspire to make each one of them an exceptional moment. This philosophy is supported by our 6 powerful, yet simple pillars: Dream Big, Have Courage, Take Initiative, Be Accountable, Give Back & Enjoy it. We strive to fulfill the aspirational yet unattainable goal of creating the absolute best experience with every person, in every interaction, every minute of every day.

It begins with empowering our employees. Every employee, at every level of the company, is expected to perform like a leader. Everyone is encouraged and expected to put the needs of each other above everything else. No one here just does their job The mission is to create the absolute best experiences. This emphasis on putting people first has helped us successfully grow for the right reasons.

We have developed an environment that attracts dreamers, adventurers, creators, givers and believers to seek career opportunities with us. We find people who believe that true happiness is only found in the service of others. We want high-performers with diverse skill-sets and big hearts. We treat each other as family and find that close collaboration creates the biggest ideas.

We have comprehensive benefit packages that include health, dental, vision, 401(k), income protection, and extraordinary work-life benefits.

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Equal Opportunity Employer

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